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Work, family, social life, and day-to-day errands can take a toll on all of us. Nobody will blame you if you’re feeling stressed out more than you can handle; in fact, stress can lead to a number of physical and mental setbacks.

Feeling easily irritable and jittery are signs that our bodies are accumulating more than we can handle and are sending us signals that something is off. However dark it may sound, there is still a way to tackle stress and get rid of the emotion in a healthy way.

Stay with us as we share three super easy ways to de-stress. Plus, with the best hot stone massage in Queen Anne, you can safely lessen the stress on your mind and body.

A Good Night’s Sleep Goes a Long Way

Yes, stress can cause trouble sleeping. When your mind becomes busy with all sorts of unnecessary thoughts and what-ifs, falling asleep feels like an impossible thing to do. At the same time, lack of sleep can cause you additional stress, so a good night’s sleep is essential for a stress-free day. 

Your sleep cycle is the time your body and your mind rewind and recharge, which is why sleeping well is so important. Besides affecting your mood, the lack of sleep will influence your focus, clarity, and general body functions.

To ensure you prepare your body and mind to fall asleep, try staying away from smartphones, laptops, and TVs for at least an hour before sleep. Plus, you can make yourself a hot cup of tea infused with valerian oil to relax your body.

Get a Massage on Regular Basis

Today more than ever, massages are becoming the go-to practice for both men and women and for a good reason. Massage involves rubbing, pressing, and otherwise manipulating your body’s muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons.

A massage can include light strokes, deep pressure, hot stones, assisted stretching, etc. In general, massages are considered an essential part of integrative medicine. After a nice massage, you’ll feel relieved, free of stress, and refreshed overall.

By soothing your mind, a massage 2-4 times a month can help lower stress levels, improve mood, decrease anxiety, boost energy, and so on. 

Get Active and Find Time for Friends

When it comes to de-stressing, any activity is better than no activity. You don’t have to be sporty or an athlete to enjoy some active time.

Physical activity works wonders for de-stressing your body and mind. You don’t have to do much—a simple power walk will do. Physical activity releases endorphins and other neural chemicals that elevate our wellness and sense of contentment. 

Whether you take up gardening, jogging, walking, biking, or any other activity you prefer, doing it with friends can make the whole process more enjoyable. Being physically active with a friend is a great stress reliever.

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