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Over 70% of Americans — both men and women — who got a massage in the course of 2021 stated that they did so for health purposes. The many health benefits of massage therapy are well-known, but did you know it can also do wonders for your emotional well-being?

Getting a massage alone is certainly a great way to relax and unwind, but getting a massage as a couple is becoming increasingly popular and comes with its own set of benefits.

Read on to learn the many advantages of a couple’s massage and learn how it can impact your relationship.

The Benefits of Getting a Couple’s Massage

Before we dive into the advantages of sharing a massage session with your partner, we need to point out that there’s not the slightest difference in the massage itself. If you’ve ever had a solo massage, you can expect the same treatment — except you’ll be sharing the wonderful experience with your partner. And once you read through the benefits, you won’t have any more doubts.

Increased Intimacy

The massage itself is a very intimate experience, and when the two partners experience this simultaneously, their intimacy cravings increase. All senses are heightened, and tensions are released, encouraging connection with your partner. 

Strong Bonding Experience

During a massage, oxytocin levels rise, making people feel happier and more relaxed. Oxytocin is, in fact, the same hormone that’s released during hugging and cuddling. So, when you’re getting a massage with your partner, you’re actually bonding in the same way as when you’re cuddling. 

Reduced Anxiety & Stress Levels

A massage session relieves the physical tension but also eases any emotional tension, such as stress and anxiety. 

If you and your partner are going through a particularly stressful period, a couple’s massage will help relieve some stress for both of you. Afterward, you can approach your relationship with revived energy. 

Reconnecting With Your Partner

People can become distant sometimes. This, in turn, affects the partners and the relationship overall. 

In cases like these, it’s essential to find a way to reconnect with your partner, and a couple’s massage is an excellent way to do so. Experiencing the same relaxing treatment and being in close quarters together is a perfect opportunity to remind you why you are together and rekindle that connection again. 

Sharing a New Experience

New experiences are one of the best ways to strengthen a relationship. A couple’s massage can be a new experience you share with your partner. You can discuss your feelings and thoughts on experience, and you’ll have a new memory to look back on. And if you both happen to enjoy it, you can turn it into an activity you do together regularly. 

Seattle Massage Oasis: Surprise Your Partner With a Couple’s Massage

After learning of the benefits of a couple’s massage, you may be eager to try it out with your partner. 

There’s no need to wait. You can book your couple’s massage appointment with us at Seattle Massage Oasis and surprise your partner.

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