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We’re so excited to have started offering Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage this month! It’s a different experience than traditional hot stone massage, which is usually Basalt stones.

Himalayan Salt Stones have 84 natural minerals that are imparted to the body tissue during the massage. They also emit negative ions, especially when heated. With any hot stone massage, the heat in the stones transfers to the body, relaxing muscles and softening fascia, which creates a very soothing effect on the nervous system and relaxing effect on the body. The effect hot stones have on the muscles and connective tissue create a fantastic opportunity for healing and for deep tissue techniques to be even more enjoyable and effective. While the shape of Basalt stones better lends itself to deep tissue using the stones, Salt Stones create a detoxifying, rejuvenating, and more deeply relaxing experience, and hands-on deep tissue can be very effectively mixed in. At Seattle Massage Oasis we will work with you during your intake to formulate a hot stone massage that focuses on relaxation or a combination of both relaxation and muscle release. We’ll also be adding traditional Basalt Stone massage soon as well for those who want a primarily deeper deep tissue massage.

Let’s talk some more about why Himalayan Salt Stones add so much to a hot stone massage.

The minerals: the 84 minerals and trace elements include calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and iodine. Absorption of these minerals are reported to help alleviate skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, and general dryness and irritation, and support the immune system. The minerals in the stones may also help the detoxifying effects of  massage to be even more effective. Magnesium has a relaxing effect on muscles, ligaments, and tendons, aiding in the relief of aches, pains, and tension. Iodine makes the stones naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal (but we still clean them thoroughly after each use). The antibacterial property can help remove bacteria from the skin and aid in the prevention of breakouts. These stones are also lightly exfoliating, and while regular salt is drying, Himalayan Salt is naturally hydrating and restorative to the skin.

The negative ions:  These days we’re almost constantly bombarded with electromagnetic waves  from electronic devices such as cell phones, TVs, computers, and microwaves. Such constant exposure can result in insomnia, depression, lack of ability to concentrate, stress, fatigue and may also be linked to a myriad of diseases. The negative ions that heated Himalayan Salt Stones emit can help balance the body’s electromagnetic energy. Emission of negative ions also helps reduce positively charged free radicals which can cause chronic inflammation.

We’re very much enjoying providing this service and we hope you will enjoy it too!

Warm Regards (pun intended),

Patti Abbott, LMT