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Stress and Pain are eased away using quality CBD products and experienced hands.

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Basalt or Himalayan stones are used for deep tissue and great relaxation massage.


Wellness Specialists

Our team is dedicated to your health & recovery.

Owner, LMT

Patti Abbott

Patti has been a clinical massage therapist for over 20 years and has a background in yoga, fitness, and ergonomics. She specializes in deep tissue and injury treatment. 

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Katya Kolshorn

Katya provides a wonderfully relaxing massage with a therapeutic approach.

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Michele Dean

Michele uses firm pressure and has a thorough understanding of deep tissue massage to provide results oriented injury and wellness treatment.

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Michael Taylor

Michael is a unique therapist who combines many modalities and techniques for highly effective treatment of injuries and postural issues. 

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Briar Stratus

Briar graduated from Discovery Point School of Massage in Seattle. They enjoy doing deep tissue work, myofascial, and hot stone massage. Briar is excited about their path in massage therapy and enjoys continuing to learn new modalities.

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Priscilla Barajas

Priscilla is a well rounded therapist utilizing a range of techniques that combine to offer  a luxuriously relaxing massage with Deep Tissue.

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Zach Soldwedel

Zach offers Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Relaxation and injury treatment massage.

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